Social Networking

We still believe that a lot of SEO specialists are not using all the tools out there on the internet. Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are three major reasons why they can’t be ignored. While some SEO “gurus” will focus just on getting their client’s sites ranked high, they forget all about tapping into “referral traffic”. We specialize in building networks that have the same interest as our client’s website and believe we have a free and golden opportunity in promoting whatever we need.

Twitter is the hot item of the day and we can gather thousands of people of similar tastes into a network and display the client’s website for free. However, we do ask the client to get involved – not much – but by posting a couple times a day of how their business is doing. This gets the people in the client’s network responding and the client can eventually talk about their products (or services) on their website.

Facebook is like Twitter, the client can share more in detail, but it’s a little slower getting people added to the client’s network. We still use it as a marketing tool, and we can post pictures and videos of the client’s business. Great way to communicate with people.

Again, this is something that we must take advantage of. Each one of these are great marketing tools that can spread the word – sometimes like wildfire.