About Us

We have a lot of experience when it comes to article writing, backlinking and on page optimization.  You can’t beat our prices since we have very low overhead.  Major SEO companies have physical buildings and other things that can be considered as expenses.  We have virtual offices here in Columbus where we can talk to our customer face to face in Columbus, or talk or chat via Yahoo messenger if the client resides outside of Columbus, Ohio.

We really base our success on article marketing and backlinking from relevant sites to our client’s websites.  We have tested many ways, and found that these are the best methods.  Press Releases also play a part in our campaign, though we go through free websites, unless the client prefers otherwise.

For our Premium plan, we utilize Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.  We have found that with these websites, especially Twitter, we can gain an advantage on the competition by receiving  referral traffic.  From time to time, we have seen our created slideshows that is running on Youtube, rank high in specific niches of Google rankings or SERPs (Search Engine Result Page).

We are committed in helping the client obtain targeted traffic, not just a lot of traffic.  It doesn’t make sense if we drive 10,000 people to our client’s website and only 10 people buy products.  We rather see only 100 people go to the site and 20 people buy products.  We are into conversions, not just high volumes of traffic.