Social BookMarking Websites

Social BookMarking is basically going to a variety of social sites and post a website that you found and you share it with others. However, we have found this time consuming, as we would have to get a network of people with the same interests as the client’s site, and spread the news about it. This is very hard since most people don’t want to see any websites selling anything – they pretty much mark this as spam.

There are a couple social websites we can’t ignore though, even though all our client’s sites are selling products or services. and are major social bookmarking websites that get indexed by Google in less than 24 hours and ranks high by itself for the first couple of days. These do provide powerful backlinks to the client’s website and we intend to use it in every package that we have. It’s basically a must – even though most of the social bookmarking sites in our opinion do not help very much.